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Q: What it the right cricket bat size for me?

A: We have provided a user-friendly size chart including cricket bats of all sizes that we have to offer, which takes into account our professional opinions on the relevant and appropriate heights of the batsmen.

Q: How do I see if the pickup on my cricket bat is good or if it is too heavy?

A: Along with the size, we also include the weight of the cricket bats in its description too. Some willows from our range come in a variety of weight options, and these will typically result in ranges of 1-2 ounces. Most of the additional weight of the bat is put into the handle, to provide a counterbalance; making the cricket bat feel light, yet still powerful. Remember though, it’s all about the Pick-Up! Bat weights are a good starting point as to which bat you are most ideally suited too, but they are not the deciding factor. Some heavier cricket bats will pick-up lighter than those that weigh less, which really puts emphasis onto how its all about: how the weight is distributed, where the balance-point on the bat it, and how it personally feels to you in your hands!

Q: What’s the difference between the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 CA cricket bat ranges?

A: The cricket bats such as the CA Morgs 20K 1.0 – 4.0 series are all very similar, but are sub-categorised to account for varying budgets. All willows possess features of premium quality craftsmanship, but as you go from the 4.0 up to the 1.0, the cricket bats get notably enhanced in terms of the sweet spot area, weight distribution, sheer style and aesthetic etc.

Q: Do we need to knock in the cricket bats after we buy them?

A: All of our bats are pre-knocked but we do recommend that you test it out for yourself with soft deliveries to see if you are satisfied with it, or if you would like to work on it some more before using it in nets and games.

Q:How do I maintain my bat and take care of it both in on and off-season?

A: We at CA have put together a blog just for this purpose! Click this link here to find all the answers to your questions on bat care:

Q: What are you returns policies?

A: There are a few key criteria that must be met to comply with our returns policies:

1) Packaging must be intact

 2) Product must be unused, however in our separate repair policy, bat damaged are covered.

3) Must have a shipping slip and confirmation email with order number included

4) Claim must be made within 14 days of purchase.

5) Shipping costs must be covered by customer in case of return from UK and outside of UK.

Q: Can I pick up order from the warehouse in Bedford itself?

Yes! Please see our website for our working hours and give us a call before coming to pick up your cricket kit, cricket shoes, cricket bags, ca bat, etc.