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Cricket bat knocking is a process of removing the moisture inside your bat. It ensures the edges are sharp and the blade is straight to make it easier to play.


How to knock a cricket bat?

To get started, you will need a mallet. The mallet is used to knock the edges and toe of the bat, which will help it take shape.

To knock in your cricket bat:   

  1. Tap the bat lightly at 45 degrees. These taps should be firm but not tight. 
  2. Then increase the force until you hear a slight ringing sound instead of a dull thud; This means that the edges have begun to round off slightly, and you should move about an inch to the blade for more force. 
  3. Next, move about an inch away from the edge and hit on both sides for half an hour. Then move to the toe with a flat hit and knock at least 15-20 minutes in that spot. The toe is where you connect with the ball, and it’s also where most of your power comes from when making contact with a cricket ball.
  4. Moving to the middle of the bat with a flat hit will give a hollow sound; this means you have done it!
  5. Now that you are done knocking your bat, apply an anti-scuff sheet and fiber tape to it. This will help prevent damage to your bat and give it extra protection.


The anti-scuff sheet is a thin plastic film that goes on the top of the bat and has an adhesive backing so it sticks securely to the surface. It provides a protective layer between your blade and any hard materials in play when playing cricket