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how to put a grip on your cricket bat

A grip is a covering wrapped around your cricket bat handle. It affects how comfortable your hands feel when holding. For example, if there are too many loose ends on your grip they may rub against your hand and make them sore after a long day of batting! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.


To replace a cricket bat grip, the most important tool is a cone-shaped object about three inches long and an inch in diameter. You can use anything from a soda bottle cap to a piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil, but it's best to use something rigid enough to hold its shape when you wrap it around your bat handle.


The following steps will help you grip a cricket bat.

STEP 1: Turn your new rubber grip upside down and feed the end of the grip that will be at the top of the bat handle over the narrow end of the grip cone as far along the grip cone as possible. Once You have done this and the grip is on the cone, roll the rubber grip back on itself and back off the narrow end of the grip cone.

STEP 2: Then turn the grip round again and feed the section of grip that has not been rolled into a thick ring back over the narrow end of the cone. This time, continue rolling the grip over unrolled section down the grip toward the wide end of the cone

STEP 3: Once the grip is rolled completely and near the wide end of the cone, place the wide end of the cone over the top of the handle of your bat and roll the grip off the cone onto your bat handle

STEP 4: Continue to roll the grip down the handle towards the cricket bat's shoulders, when the grip reaches the bottom of the handle (near the shoulders/splice region), start unrolling the grip back up the handle until you reach the top of the handle.


Gripping your bat correctly can make a real difference in playing better.

Now you know how to put a grip on your cricket bat. The next time you play and your cricket bat slips, you can use this method without wasting time. Happy batting!