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A New Way To Protect Your Bat's Toe

glass pro tek

Glass Protek | A New Way To Protect Your Bat's Toe

Glass Pro-Tek is a new protection guard on the toes of CA cricket bats. A balanced formulated semi-see-through material fitted at the toes of cricket bats for protection and durability of cricket bats. Quite advance than the existing rubber toe protection, it protects the bat for a longer time and refrains from chipping and damage. 


glass pro-tek

Since our cricket bats are played within a variety of pitches like hard soil, concrete, the taping of the bat can reduce its age and destroy its aesthetics especially at the lower end. Playing on wet ground can pump moisture into the willow of the bat which consequently becomes an agent in damage and cracks. But with the Glass-Pro-Tek technology one has not to worry about his/ her cricket bat's health anymore.