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Why do people love cricket?

Eion Morgan


Cricket is a very popular sport that is played all over the world, though in some countries it is more popular. Cricket has been played in England since the 16th century and is one of the most popular sports. It is the national sport of the United Kingdom and first gained popularity in the 17th century. There are numerous reasons why people prefer to play and watch cricket over other sports.


Cricket is played by people all over the world but the national summer sport of England, which is now popular throughout, especially in Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, and the British Isles. Its modern form was created in England, where it first gained popularity, and it is primarily enjoyed by current and past members. There are over 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide, spread across 180 countries. Cricket is a dynamic, exciting, challenging, and most importantly FUN 'cricket bat and ball' team sport suitable for both children and adults.

There are many reasons why we enjoy cricket. Here are seven reasons why we love to play cricket.

1. It can be played anywhere.

When it comes to cricket, location is never an issue. You could play it anywhere, including the beaches, streets, parks, and backyards. Many players who have represented their country at an international level learned the rules of the game from street cricket. A great example is Wasim Akram, who has played on the streets with a softball.


As a result, it truly feels like a game that belongs to everyone, regardless of nationality or living circumstances. You can play it with a partner/s on your lawn with basic equipment (only a bat and a softball). CA Sports offers a huge selection of bats and balls. You can select any bat or ball easily from the CA Sports websites. Softball cricket is a very popular replica of the original game of cricket.


2. Thrilling Game

If you've ever watched cricket, you're aware of how quickly this satiation changes in this sport. The team that appears to be winning the game may ultimately lose it. Cricketers break records almost in every tournament, which is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. This is one of the best games for fans, whether it's a T20 or a one-day match. The excitement lasts till the last ball. If you enjoy suspense, cricket is the game for you! You never really know what will occur next.


The team may perform a miracle when you least expect it, or it could lose a game and ruin your World Cup dreams. Occasionally, umpires make incorrect judgments, disappointing thousands of viewers. Cricket evokes a wide range of emotions, from disappointment to excitement. Cricket is one of the most enduring sports in the world because of the sight of fans waving the flags of their favorite teams and cheering on their favorite players.


3. They’re a Range of Different Tournaments

Worldwide cricket has four distinct types are following:

  • Test Matches. (Lasting a maximum of 5 days)
  • One-day Internationals (ODI's) – with 50 overs per side
  • Twety20 Internationals (T20I's) – with 20 overs per side
  • T10 (Not yet recognized by the ICC) - 10 overs per side
  • The International Cricket Council, which additionally gives match authorities, has laid out the principles and guidelines under which these matches are played. The freshest and most famous cricket structure is the T20.


Test cricket is a match between two 11-player international level teams. In essence, the team with the most runs at the end of the game will win. Each side has two innings

ODI A maximum of 50 overs are given to each of two teams of 11 players. The team with the highest score wins the match after the game is over.

Twety20 World Cups Compared to other cricket formats, the international T20 family is substantially larger. T20 is the most recent and the best arrangement of cricket International Sports Equipment Industry

T10 cricket is a shortened version of cricket. The game lasts about 90 minutes and consists of two teams playing a single innings with a maximum of 10 overs (60 legal balls) per side.

In addition to having developed a brand-new format that starts in 2021; England is where several cricket formats have their roots.

4.      Cricket Legends

We appreciate watching cricket and are likewise connected with well-known cricket players. Cricketers who are notable beyond the game are regarded for their commitments to the game as well as their accomplishments.

A great number of cricketers are remembered as heroes. These players or legends serve as role models for many people. Some of the popular names are Shoaib Malik (Pakistan), Eoin Morgan (England), Tamim Iqbal (Bangladesh), Brian Lara (Westindies), Andrew Albirnie (Ireland), etc. 

cricket legends   Eion morgan


5. Cricketers are not just cricketers anymore

Cricket is a sport that backs industries like CA Sports and employees from various walks of life. Cricket is one of the sports where players are only judged on their technique, talent, and skill set. Additionally, you shouldn't worry about retirement if you are an excellent cricket player. You can start a cricket academy, work as a talk show analyst, open a brand, or you can become a coach like Inzamam-ul-Haq. Many cricketers earned the name after their retirement, like Ramiz Raja, PCB head and commentator.

6. Educational Institutes and Cricket.

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Cricket is encouraged at all educational levels. There are a lot of schools, colleges, and universities where students play cricket. School and university teams play against each other, and this sport is quite popular in educational institutes.

Eion Morgan

7. Health benefits of playing cricket

Playing cricket has multiple physical and social advantages. Let's look at a couple of them:

  • Stamina: The continuous running across the field helps to build endurance. Batsmen, bowlers, and fielders all have to run and perform on the field, which requires lots of breath and stamina.
  • Playing cricket improves your balance while running on fields with grippers and spikes. Grippers and spikes are special shoes for cricketers dedicated to playing on rough and tough grounds and wickets. Cricketers' Spikes Plus from CA Sports are quite well-known spikes and grippers among cricketers. View them on CA Global.
  • Flexibility: Exercises for cricketers involve lots of body stretching that helps them preventing them from muscle spasms and injuries.
    A cricket player develops better hand-eye coordination when catching or throwing the ball.
  • Cardio: Cricket is a fantastic cardiovascular workout because it involves a lot of running, tossing, and sprinting around the field.
    Strengthening muscles: Cricket, like any other sport, aids in building and toning muscles.
  • Team building Skills: When their team wins, children who play cricket develop feelings of pride and success. They also acquire collaboration and other social skills.



Cricket is definitely an interesting game. No matter where it is played, on the streets, or in the Cricket World Cup, it will always bring people together. It has connected the world and people across the globe. According to World Cricket Council (WCC) survey data, cricket is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The sport has grown significantly in recent years, with an increase in the number of players and fans.