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Cricket originated in South East England in the 18th century. At that time, only 5-day-long Test cricket matches were played just as entertainment and referred to as a Gentlemen’s game.


Clothing and sport performance have been connected directly. Wearing comfortable tee-shirts would be more effective, especially in cricket where players have to constantly run or move their muscles like in every other physical game.


Fabric Type

Polyester is considered one of the best fabrics and is often used in making sports uniforms. Moreover, specially fabricated it is soft on the skin and stretchable. Likewise, Cricket shirts are produced from 100 % polyester. Often combination of fabrics is considered in cut and sews form like polyester and mesh. CA plus shirt is a perfect example of CA global website.


Quick Drying Technology

Sports activities require quick-dry clothing to keep the body’s temperature lower. Being in wet garments adjacent to our skin is uncomfortable. Consumers today are concerned about the sustainability of the clothing they wear. While playing new enhanced fabrics polyester are renowned for drying quickly since they absorb 0.4% of its weight in moisture. CA sports offers cricket shirts that are wick-tech enabled.


Proper sleeves according to weather

Cricket is a year-round, seasonal sport that is practiced all over the world. Despite being primarily associated with summer, it can also be played in the winter. Players must shield themselves from the harsh weather while participating in cold weather sports. So, cricket shirt material and fabric is suitable for both: winters and summers. There are two types of sleeves: full sleeves and half sleeves.


The sleeves will become warm if they are covered in cloth. So, full sleeves are appropriate for winter. Half sleeves are appropriate for summers. Additionally, perfect-fitting clothing allows air to move freely. So, in addition to being shielded from the sun's direct rays, the skin beneath the clothes is also kept cool by circulating air.


Cricket T-shirt Size Guide

One size doesn’t fit all. In Cricket, wearing the right clothing is of great importance. Below you'll find information on the sizing of our Cricket shirts design.


  • Length

Put the tape's end next to the collar at the top of the tee (Highest Point Shoulder). To the bottom of the shirt, pull the measuring tape.

  •  Chest

Around the area of your chest, measure yourself. The tape measure should stay horizontal.


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