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Choose the Perfect size for Batting Pad & Gloves.

choose perfect size
How to Choose the Perfect size Batting Pad and Gloves.
"The hand, leg safeguard"

Cricket pads and gloves are utilized in several sizes. Imperative factors while selecting kits and gloves concerned the estimated size, height, comfortability, and reliability.

So, the question arises:

What is the standard way to choose the perfect sizes?

People of distinctive statures have diverse sizes. According to their needs, gloves, pads are made. Sizes may slightly change according to product manufacturers. CA brand is consolidating these accessories and offering diverse measurements chart availability.

Below is one of the measurement charts that you just can follow to help in the shopping.

CA presenting size chart is available with large men, men, small men, boys, and small cricket pads and gloves. The pad size estimation requires the center of the knee to the top of the foot.

Large men: These are the maximum size of the cricket pads 17.5cm.
Men: This category involves the measurement 17cm with a minor difference in comparison to the large men category.
Small men:  For those having 16.5 cm size.
Boys: Perfect for 15.5cm size.
Small boys: Ideal for minimum size 13.75cm.
leg pad size chart
Here is the size chart for the range of the glove :
The glove's estimate measured from the fringe of the palm to the upper of fingers.
Large men: Gloves designed for the hand height of 21.5cm and width 11cm.
Men: Men category goes with palm height 21cm and width 10cm.
Small men: Preferred to small height men holding hand height 20cm and w10cm.
Boys: Can be used by boys holding height of palm 19cm and width 9.5cm.
Small boys: Minimum gloves size ranging height 17cm a width 9.0cm.
If this size chart doesn't match your hands or leg's size, then you should grab the pad or gloves long or short as you required.
batting gloves size chart