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A guide to choosing a new English willow cricket bat

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A cricket bat for any cricketer may be potential cricket equipment in the game. Finding the best wood English willow cricket bat may be a problem for people who are new buyers or have limited expertise about the bat's nature. It's not the same as going to a store that sells formula and asking for high-quality willow and getting what you asked about it. The buyer must know the information before going to the cricket store. You are the one who needs to understand the dissimilarities between willows and which one is best for you.


Two wooden components make up a cricket bat: a handle and the blade that strikes the ball. Two types of timber are most commonly used to make cricket equipment. Depending on your preference, performance through durability, strength, shock absorption, etc.


Difference between English Willow & Kashmiri willow

Here are some of the attributes of willows that a player must know before getting into a cricket bat purchase.


Kashmiri Willow Bat.

The Kashmiri willow bat is famous throughout the globe. These are created all over the world in response to player demand. Bats made of this willow are specifically for use in training. These characteristics set it dissimilar from other willows. There is often a shortage of Kashmiri willow because of a lack of wood farming.



Color contrast is the first thing we consider when comparing two well-known willows. The Kashmiri willow has a reddish-brown color. The same tree provides the wood for both willows. It grew in diverse climates and locations; therefore, it varies in color and appearance from other willows. The Kashmiri willow is derived from the Kashmiri trees in the region of Kashmir between Pakistan and India.



It is the most important aspect that everyone must take into account before buying a bat. Kashmiri willow weighs slightly more, possibly between 1200 and 1280 grams. The higher density of the wood is what makes it a little heavier. But the performance rate is never impacted by this element.



You can observe that a little compact and lower sweet spot. It's reasonably priced and never requires a lot of maintenance. However, the disadvantage is the reduced durability rate. It cannot perform for years.


Wood Density.

The primary difference between both of them is the grains. The Kashmir willow holds a few grains. The fiber orientation in Kashmiri willow is in the horizontal form. These appear unclear and are not sufficiently straight. It is ideal for younger players or beginners.


English Willow Bat.

The best bat for cricket is made with English willow. CA bats represent the best shapes and profiles you can consider for your performances. Let us have a look at the features of the English willow cricket bat. 



English willow cricket bat is flawless in appearance, satisfying the white color requirement. It's imported from Salix Alba Caerulea trees grow in England. Color factors help you differentiate the type of willows. The majority of professional players prefer these willow bats.



English willow bats come with a very accurate weight that is an attractive feature for every player. It approximately weighs between 1160-1200 grams. It's lighter in weight in comparison to other willows shaped into bats. Lower Wight leads to fast pace performance and this is what every performer needs.



English willow bat carries a big sweet spot as much as possible to allow great shots. English willow is soft as its natural drying process gives it the strength to smash its rivals with longer runs. CA Sports is the leading manufacturer of cricket equipment, providing cricket equipment to international players: including CA bats. They give the best shapes of cricket bats.



English willow reserve straight grains that vary according to the grade you choose. It can be between a minimum of '4' and the maximum range is '15'. CA Sports offer you to have one of your favorites. Their philosophy of many grains defines its level of toughness. More grains will provide the player high stroke rate.


Willow Grades.

CA bats come in different specifications, depending upon the type of graded willow utilized in it. You can browse through the following grading categories to choose which is ideal according to your needs. 


Grade 1

These categories of bats are attractive. Their profiles are appealing and outshine the clean grains with no imperfections. There can be some blemishes on the edges but the blade. Their grains on the face are vertically straight and are 7+. You can identify it by the cleanliness and the number of grains.


Grade 2

The split of this category of bats is cosmetically less prominent than Grade 1 but has no difference in performance quality. Approximately '6' straight neat grains settled on bat blade available at affordable price setups. You can witness a few blemishes on the edges. CA cricket bat with grade 2 willow is the fine product that; every professional selects for their final contests.


Grade 3

You can expect '5' not perfectly straight grains on the bat face with some butterfly spots on the corners but not on the blade. It is a little less aesthetic than the '2' upper categories. It's not a big deal. It returns your value by performing outstandingly.


Grade 4

A grade 4 willow contains a maximum of 4 irregular grains. This type of willow is not recommended for professional games and is often considered less in aesthetics.



Hope! The information provided will be helpful to you when looking for an English willow cricket bat. You can also contact CA Sports, who can offer guidance and book order the willow products you want. You don't need to explore much for the best English willow cricket bat if you prefer flexible bat pricing among high quality.