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CA batting gloves

There are millions of fans of cricket all around the world, making it one of the most played games today. The fans not only enjoy playing the game, but also exploring it and having fun with it. Furthermore, in order to play the game well, one must make wise decisions regarding their cricket equipment choices. Cricket bat gloves are beneficial for enhancing player performance. It increases grip, aids in avoiding uncomfortable and painful blisters on the fingers and palms, and prevent from heat. To determine your recommended glove size, measure in a straight line from the tip of your longest finger to the start of your wrist.

Cricket gloves are classified into three types based on how they are used by cricket players.

  1. Cricket Batting gloves
  2. Cricket wicket keeping gloves
  3. Cricket inner gloves


1. Cricket Batting gloves

Batting gloves are worn by cricket batsmen during the batting phase of the game. When hitting the cricket ball, batting cricket gloves provides comfort, blister prevention, improved grip, and shock absorption.



 Wicket keeping gloves are worn by cricket wicketkeepers during the fielding phase of the game. Wicket keeping gloves help cricket players catch and field cricket balls that have been hit by a batsman or thrown by a teammate.


3. Inner gloves

Both cricket batsmen and wicket keepers wear inner gloves. Though inner gloves are optional for cricket batsmen, they are required for cricket wicket keepers. Inner gloves will act as the first line of protection between your hands and your wicket keeping gloves, providing extra padding and a better fit. Inner gloves are available in a variety of sizes, including men's batting gloves, youth batting gloves, and boys' batting gloves.


Size Guide for Cricket Batting Gloves:

The right batting gloves can also be the deciding factor in player performance. The gloves, obviously, allow you to hold your bat perfectly and play your strokes freely. Gloves are typically measured in centimeters, with the length measured from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger in an orderly fashion. Glove sizes can also differ from one manufacturer to the next. CA Sports is combining these accessories and providing a wide range of measurement chart options. Below is one of the measurement charts that you can use to help you with your shopping.

batting gloves size chart

Right-Handed or Left-Handed

Broken fingers are one of the most visible fractures that cricketers face. It is critical to protect your hands when batting. Modern gloves are extremely light and provide excellent protection, particularly to the bottom hand. When a ball bounces quickly off the pitch, it usually hits the bottom hand.


All gloves protect the bottom hand's thumb, the right hand for a right-handed batter, and the left hand for a left-handed batter. Some gloves protect the first and second fingers on the bottom hand. The most common injuries are trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and tendonitis; therefore, having the proper size gloves for both hands is critical. When hitting, the gloves you choose must protect your hands.


Choose the Correct Type of batting gloves

There are two types of batting gloves .

  • Traditional Batting Gloves (Sausage finger gloves)
  • Modern Batting Gloves (Split finger gloves)

Traditional batting gloves

Traditional Batting Gloves 3 don't have finger cuts, though present day gloves do. Traditional cricket gloves have a solitary full-length finger cushioning. They are normally loaded up with cotton, making them weighty ordinarily.


Sausage finger gloves

Sausage finger gloves can be a good option if you play in environments whereCA dragon glove the ball bounces a little higher. These gloves provide adequate protection for the fingertips. For young and beginning cricket players, choosing a traditional vintage sausage-styled finger part to cover every millimeter of your fingers is a sensible decision. Here is a picture of a sausage finger gloves by CA Sports.

Modern Batting Gloves

Modern batting gloves are more adaptable and give progressed hand security. Flexibility, sensation, and ventilation can all be considered components of comfort. Modern batting gloves enables cricketer to tackle harsh bowling. They give a up-to-date modern look.

Split finger gloves

Split finger gloves provide additional flexibility as you see in picture. These
split fingers gloves are for you if you're a wrist player who needs the same flexibility in your gloves as you do in your playing shots. These cricket protective equipment items by CA enhance grip and develop finger chamber protection, implanted for greater control. The leather palm and PU foam on the back of the hand provide comfort and ease while boosting shock absorption.

Cost of gloves

Naturally, the price of gloves varies depending on the glove quality you want to use. A quick explanation of how and why gloves fall into specific pricing ranges. The finest sheepskin or Pittard leather is used to create the nicest gloves. They are incredibly comfortable and long-lasting, and they do a great job of absorbing sweat. For increased protection, these gloves occasionally feature soft back fill and high impact pro guards included into their design.


CA Sports gloves

CA Sports offers a large selection of gloves. CA Sports gloves are available with the lowest prices and the most technologically advanced gloves, Gloves in the medium price category made for cricket players at all skill levels. The padding on the face and fingers is made for prolonged play. Your fingertips will be protected while handling bouncy balls thanks to anti-moisture sheepskin and finger protection on the first two fingers. Additionally, the towel's stripes make it the ideal choice for all types of batsmen.

They provide the gloves that are reasonable in price, Straight-line geometry design, Durable and ensure quality, made of sheepskin, double protection layer and enhanced finger chamber defends finger bones .Some CA sports gloves picture are shown here..

CA-glovesCA dragon gloveCA batting glove



Batting Gloves Grip

The batting glove should be tight on the hand while remaining comfortable. Slippage can be caused by loose gloves, while movement will be impacted by tight gloves. Grip and protection are the two main benefits of batting gloves. When grasping the bat, batting gloves may improve grip. Some models provide for better control while setting the bat because their palms have a sticky covering.



Everything is required to keep your cricket equipment in good condition, including making sure that the size of your hand is measured accurately for the glove to be a great fit, buying a good-quality glove, and taking proper care of your batting/wicket keeping gloves. We hope that this post has given you the most information possible on how to measure your hand and choose gloves that will fit you perfectly for either batting or wicket keeping.