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3D Tile Bat-Grips

3D tile bat grip

3D Tile Bat-Grips

CA sports takes good consideration while designing and making its bat grips. These grips are among the best one can get in today's market. This is because it is not just any rubber grip rather it is designed perfectly and made using the Thailand tree latex. Thailand Tree latex is not like other synthetic latex, Southern Thailand has many rubber tree plantations and this latex is especially obtained by the hard work of skilled workers from the sap of these trees.


It is carefully coagulated and processed further to be finally used to make the bat grips. The material's nature is environment friendly. Moreover, it contains antimicrobial compounds by nature making it healthy too. This is expertly utilized by CA to aid in making the best bat grips around which are much better than the artificial grips available from the competing manufacturers.

CA plus 10000 cricket bat


It is not just the material that makes it stand out. The bat grip has a special 'ripple' design for the most efficient and stable grip. This is combined with the expertly designed cushion for comfort and longevity. The innovators of such unique products are our very own product engineers who have perfectly designed these bat grips after having done research and experiments along with expert feedback from professionals to provide everyone with one of the best-designed grips made from the perfect Thailand rubber latex. Don't just take our words; see how every best professional prefers our bat grips.